Opposition to Third Runway at Heathrow

Last year, the Government gave its support to a third runway at Heathrow.  As a Group, RBWM Conservatives has long opposed any expansion at Heathrow given it will have a devastating impact on our residents’ quality of life.  Consistent with our manifesto pledge, we will continue to fight to protect our residents.

Cllr Simon Dudley, Leader of the RBWM Council and the Conservative Group, commented, “In the coming weeks, we will carefully scrutinise the Government’s actions and the evidence base used to support these decisions.  If we are not satisfied this decision has been reached in the proper way based on the appropriate evidence, we remain prepared to call for a judicial review.

It is our job as your local representatives to make sure that we and other agencies work for your interests, and the Government is no exception. If we feel that our residents need protecting, then we will do what is necessary to fight for them”.

Two independent polls conducted in the Borough by Ipsos Mori showing a broadly negative view to expanding Heathrow and a positive one towards expanding Gatwick.  In addition to our manifesto pledge and election mandate to oppose any expansion at Heathrow, we are compelled to hold the Government to account on behalf of our residents.

We maintain that the unavoidable increase in noise, air pollution and strain on our local infrastructure cannot be justified.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, Lead Member for Environmental Services, said, “Environmental health is something we take very seriously.  Expansion at Heathrow would have consequences for air pollution.  We will continue to scrutinise the evidence base, hold the Government to account, and protect our residents”.