Building a Borough for everyone

The Royal Borough is a very special place. Only we Conservatives can be truly trusted to make it an even better place to live, work, retire, relax and bring up a family. Since taking control of the Royal Borough in 2007, we have created one of the most efficient councils in England. During the Royal Wedding in the Summer of 2018, images of Windsor and the Royal Borough were projected across the world to billions of people. How wonderful our home looked. We pride ourselves on having the lowest council tax outside London. In many cases one third cheaper than our neighbouring local authorities. We were delighted recently that our residents survey said that 88% of our residents are satisfied with the local area and 74% are satisfied with the Council. Thank you so much for that. 

However, we will never be complacent. There is much to do to improve the Royal Borough. In our ten themes and thirty manifesto commitments we have an accountable plan on how to preserve the Royal Borough and how to improve it. Be that the regeneration of Maidenhead, increasing our community wardens to keep you safe and combat anti social behaviour, keeping value for money services and low council tax, enhancing our parks and open spaces, retaining the weekly bin collection, improving our roads or protecting the vulnerable. Helping those who have the least or who need our support as a caring compassionate Royal Borough. We have a plan and can be trusted to make the Royal Borough an even better place for you, your family and friends. At the local government elections in May, we ask you to vote for your local Conservative candidates. They are community champions in your local area and stand ready to serve you. 

Yours ever, Cllr Simon Dudley, Leader of the Council   


Regeneration, rejuvenation and preservation

  • Delivering Maidenhead regeneration
  • Support Ascot rejuvenation
  • Preserve historic Windsor


Investing in our highways and pavements


  • Invest more than £50 million in our highways and pavements over the next 4 years
  • Fix every reported pothole within 24 hours
  • Inspection regime for every road every year


Value for money high quality services


  • Have the lowest council tax in England outside London
  • Target resident survey satisfaction of over 75%
  • Maintain the weekly bin collection


Enhance our public open spaces


  • Open new public open spaces
  • Plant 2,000 new trees
  • Enhance cycle routes


7,500 new school places at Good and Outstanding schools


  • Invest £240 million on new primary, middle and secondary school places by 2035
  • Promote expansion of Newlands Girls School
  • Plan to open four more new schools including a special school


State of the art new leisure facilities


  • Open Braywick Leisure Centre in Maidenhead
  • Build the Oaks Leisure Centre in Sunningdale
  • Expand Windsor Leisure Centre


Building affordable homes for our residents


  • Build at least 30% affordable housing on all Royal Borough owned development sites
  • Build hundreds of social rented homes over the next four years
  • Prioritise key-worker housing


Defend the greenbelt from speculative development


  • Support neighbourhood planning groups
  • Resist greenbelt release
  • Work collaboratively with Parish Councils 


Protect the vulnerable


  • Fund at least 25 community wardens to keep our communities safe
  • Prioritise young people's mental health and resilience
  • Increase adult social care funding in real terms every year


A sustainable, environmentally friendly Royal Borough


  • Support the development of the River Thames Scheme to protect residents from flooding with a £10 million contribution to aid construction
  • Support a “better not bigger" Heathrow airport
  • Promote on street and car park EV charging points  

RBWM Manifesto 2019